What Is ENT?

A medical specialist who is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck, including particularly the ears, nose, and throat. ENT doctors are also called otolaryngologists.

An ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT) specializes in everything having to do with those parts of the body. They’re also called otolaryngologists.

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What Does an ENT do?

ENTs deal with anything that has to do with the head, neck, and ears in adults and children, including:

  1. Hearing
  2. The adenoids and tonsils
  3. The thyroid
  4. The sinuses
  5. The larynx
  6. The mouth
  7. The throat
  8. Ear tubes
  9. Ear surgeries
  10. Cancers of the head, neck, and throat
  11. Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery on the head and neck